Meet the Women

Mi Yuan

Tianjin, China

Tianjin Same Uniform, Art and Design Center
partner school
Tsinghua University-HEC
I was inspired by my fellow women entrepreneurs’ courage, strong will, excellent leadership, and ambition through this program. I am very proud to be one of 10,000 Women.

Business Overview

I established a uniform design and production company in 2005. We design and produce employee uniforms and business suits for corporate and individual clients. Currently, we have 36 employees. 


The biggest challenge for my company is human resources. We had difficulty with talent recruitment and retention.

Financing is the other major challenge, as most of our clients require a long payment cycle.  But we need capital to sustain our cash flow.


The 10,000 Women program provided me with systematic knowledge and management skills. Previously, I was a clothing designer with minimal understanding on how a business operates, but after completing the program, I was able to read financial reports and understand their implications.

Since my graduation from 10,000 Women in July 2010, my business has grown significantly.  I built up a management team with human resource specialists in order to attract and retain our personnel.  I added a new division focusing on image design services for large-scale government events and corporate clients.  We also won the bid for volunteer uniforms for the World Economic Forum’s Summer Davos in Tianjin. By the end of 2012, my revenue grew 25% while my staff size increased by 20%.

Future Goals 

In the coming 3-5 years, we aim to become a leading uniform design and production company in Tianjin province. We also plan to expand our current product line and add new services for our corporate clients.

In the long term, we plan to standardize the uniform design process. In this way, our clients will be able to pick out different elements of uniforms from our online portal, customize the design, and then place their orders. Additionally, we plan to standardize the production process to optimize our inventory and production.