Meet the Women

Zhang Zhe

Beijing, China

Fashion Design
Beijing Mianbofang Handicraft Design Company
partner school
Tsinghua SEM
I can tell my child when she grows up that her mom had tried every effort to pursue her dream.

Business Overview

Started in 2008, my business is personal clothing design and manufacturing, mostly costumes for commercial promotion activities.

In my prior job, I would have to purchase costumes and gifts and I discovered several inefficiencies in this process. For example, I would have to deal with designers and manufacturers separately. I came up with the idea of offering a one-stop service for costume design, modeling, manufacturing and delivery. My company offers high quality designs, provides sampling, and produces all these products very quickly for customers.


I did not have the knowledge necessary to manage my company. I was exploring without knowing what will happen next and dealing with all the problems by myself. There were few people I could discuss these problems with and that was frustrating.


Recently, I have opened up a new office in a favorable location. My annual revenues have increased by nearly 50% and I have plans to hire someone to coordinate orders in the near future.

I learned a lot from other people's experiences and am more confident than I was before. Setting up a business is difficult and can be very lonely. Now, I have many classmates that I can turn to. I can also seek guidance from the professors and my mentor. These connections have made me stronger.

Networking with my classmates has also brought me new business. Five or six people have asked me if I can make certain kinds of costumes for them.

Future Goals 

In five years, I hope to have many designers and plate proofing personnel. I plan to open branches in Shanghai and Guangzhou and use the internet to increase the speed of production and delivery.