Country: Cairo, Egypt 
Profession: Tourism 
Business: Rimo Tours Company  
Partner School: American University in Cairo 

"When experience and education are combined, the highest levels of success can be reached. I am thankful I got this from 10,000 Women."

Business Overview

I am the Owner and Chief Operating Officer of Rimo Tours, which I founded in 2007.  I quit my job as the General Manager of a mid-sized travel agency in 2000 to pursue my entrepreneurial dream.  In addition to my current business, I started the first telephone taxi company in Egypt, which I successfully grew and sold to start Rimo Tours. 


Before the Egyptian revolution in 2011, Rimo Tours had grown to ten branches and 150 employees. When the tourism industry began to suffer after the revolution, Rimo Tours was affected and by the time I enrolled in 10,000 Women, I had downsized to only two branches and 20 employees.  Despite the significant challenges, I was determined to succeed and keep my business running.  


10,000 Women helped me rethink my entire strategy.  I refocused on the local market and started providing airline booking services, which allowed me to sell airline tickets directly to customers in Egypt. I also developed a new line of travel packages focused on religious pilgrimages.

I identified an opportunity to market online and launched a website for my company. I started contracting with other tourism websites to market electronically. I noticed a demand for safe and reliable transportation services and started using my tour buses, which were idle, to provide transport for companies and schools.

As a result of my new strategy, since completing 10,000 Women, Rimo Tours has expanded to six branches and 120 employees. 

Future Goals

I would like to see my business reach higher levels of success. I am currently looking for new opportunities in the market to expand my business further. I have purchased a piece of land near the Red Sea and hope to establish a resort there.