Supporting Medical Research and Organizations

Since 2010, over $87 million has been granted to 400 hospitals and organizations supporting medical research and programs.  

Of these grants, $11.4 million has been directed to cancer research, treatment and support programs; $24 million has been granted to hospitals; and $2.7 million has been granted to programs and organizations that support brain health and research.

Asia Breast Cancer Initiative

The Asia Breast Cancer initiative is a multi-million dollar program funded by Goldman Sachs Gives. The initiative was announced on the occasion of the U.S.-China Women’s Leadership Exchange and Dialogue (Women-LEAD) in Beijing in November 2011. 

In China, the initiative aims to create a learning platform to build local models for breast cancer awareness, breast health education and training that can be replicated nationwide.  Announced in November 2011, Goldman Sachs established partnerships with the All-China Women’s Federation (ACWF) to build upon the large-scale “two cancers” pilot  (breast/cervical) established in 2009 by the Chinese government. In 2012, the Ministry of Health and Harvard School of Public Health were added as partners in order to enhance the level of expertise and further support the government in their endeavors.

In Korea, the program will create and implement a survivors’ curriculum to combat negative social stigma surrounding breast cancer in partnership with Samsung Medical Center.

The first training session was held in Hunan Province in June 2013, led by top faculty members from the Harvard School of Public Health. More than 125 women from ACWF and National Maternal & Children’s Health Network participated in the training session.

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