The Disruptive Risks of the Dark Net

02 OCT 2017
TOPIC: Technology Driving Innovation

It started as a channel for secure, anonymous communication, then evolved into a multibillion-dollar shadow economy. The Dark Net—in which messages, goods and services can change hands outside the reach of regulation and law enforcement—remains on the fringes of society today, but its potential for disruption of mainstream businesses is growing. Goldman Sachs Research’s Heath Terry discusses the risks for Internet companies in the latest “Outsiders” video, a series exploring watch-worthy ecosystems at the edge of today’s investable universe. 


We think if [the Dark Net] continues to grow in the level of usage that we’re seeing now, it could ultimately impact the way that Internet companies grow and ultimately the way that they’re valued by the market.

- Heath Terry

Heath Terry
Head, Internet Research, Goldman Sachs Research

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