The Long & Short of It

The Future of Fitness

21 FEB 2020
TOPIC: Technology Driving Innovation

The fitness industry is adapting to two powerful trends that have changed the way people get and stay fit. First is the rise of high-end fitness experiences, including smaller boutiques specializing in activities like yoga and Pilates, which now constitutes a third of the overall fitness market. At the same time, the home gym has undergone a makeover, as new companies take older styles of equipment (bicycles, treadmills, and rowers) and add screens and wi-fi antennas to provide a virtual and connected workout. It’s a tremendous opportunity, one that fitness brands are seeking to capitalize on by offering a wider variety of subscription models, whether at a brick-and-mortar location or digitally. Looking ahead, Stephan Feldgoise of the Investment Banking Division expects advances in technology will continue to fuel the evolution of fitness, “whether that’s virtual reality...or wearable technology. All of that data and the ability to move data quickly, when you think about 5G and beyond, is also going to be a big sea change for the industry.” With an active IPO market, Feldgoise also anticipates a robust pipeline of innovative fitness companies going public over the next few years. 

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