The Long & Short of It

Gaming's Next Level

15 NOV 2019
TOPIC: Markets

Video games have surged to become one of the fastest-growing forms of entertainment globally—and thanks to the rise of mobile gaming, new business models, and emerging technologies like 5G, Goldman Sachs Research says there’s still significant expansion ahead. A shift from physical disc sales to online and mobile gaming is broadening the audience and revenue opportunities for individual titles, with many now free to download and fueled by in-game purchasing over the life of play. Growth in mobile gaming specifically should lead industry expansion near-term, but further down the road, Goldman Sachs Research’s Masaru Sugiyama expects we’ll see a different set of technologies shift into the driver’s seat. “Beyond five years, we have multiple pillars of growth. These include virtual and augmented reality, e-Sports and also 5G,” he says, which collectively can expand gaming access and create more immersive, engaging player experiences. “We believe that 5G could actually change the access landscape at home for many gamers or potential gamers….So even if you don’t have a fast internet connection at home, you might be able to access immersive games through mobile.”



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