Dan Rosensweig, President and CEO of Chegg

17 MAY 2019 New York
TOPIC: Technology Driving Innovation

Dan Rosensweig, President and CEO of online education platform Chegg, discusses the debate over digital learning and his vision to make education less expensive, more accessible and more relevant to the demands of the 21st century economy.

On technology transforming the delivery of education: “I think we could use technology to make things always on, right.  I mean it was only 20 or 25 years ago, before there was Amazon, that stores closed.  Now, nothing closes.  The thought that you get same day delivery from the cloud is a pretty amazing thing.  So I think education is going to have to do things.  It's going to have to be more relevant, more affordable, more on demand.  It's going to be more skills-based.  It's going to have to assess you, and measure you, and improve you….. Education is going to have to come to us over the devices that we have….  And if you have the ability to go in person, go if that's what you want to do.  But if you don't, why shouldn’t we make it more available, more accessible.”

On realigning education’s infrastructure: “We don't say we're disrupting education.  We say we're realigning it with our most important constituents, which is why do I come to this school.  If I come to this school in order to be able to be more employable, you better make me more employable. And so that's going to have to be a relationship between businesses, and corporations, and the institutions.  And it's going to have to be utilizing offline and online.  And everybody is going to have to realize that our economy is dependent on having a very well educated workforce…. And there's no reason we can't do it now at scale.” 


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