Steve Nash, Brooklyn Nets Head Coach and Founder of the Steve Nash Foundation

22 FEB 2021 Webcast

In this episode of Talks at GS, Steve Nash discusses how his coaching and leadership styles are influenced by his nineteen-year playing career, how analytics influence his coaching strategy, and his focus on underserved children around the world through the Steve Nash Foundation. 

On how the NBA game has transformed throughout his career: “I think in the nineties, [the game] got very bogged down in a very defensive, very physical [game]… and I think they [the league] looked at the interest in the game, with the ratings and maybe the influence that this is going in a direction that won't grow our game. But if we open it up a little more, if we can see the athleticism, speed, movement, all the beautiful parts of the game that come by tightening up the rules defensively, I think that's what they were looking at. So, the game became more open, a little less physical. It made the game faster. The pace is way up.” 

On the impact of data in sports: “I think it has to be a blend. I think that the analytics are really important because it gives you a trust factor in what you're seeing and directions you want to move in.  I think it's very dangerous nowadays, or what we know about data, to just follow your gut and in the eye test.  I think you have to align the two and you have to value all the information and data and trends that you can to make sure that you feel confident in the direction you're going.”



This session was recorded on on February 11, 2021.





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