Profiles in Innovation

A look at emerging technologies that are creating new profit pools and disrupting old ones.

Advanced Materials: The DNA of Disruption

The need to make products faster, stronger, smaller and lighter is driving the development of new and enhanced materials with potential applications from cancer treatment to water filtration. Goldman Sachs Research’s Craig Sainsbury explains.

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Auto 2.0

The automotive industry is on the verge of a huge disruption, says Michael Ronen, head of the Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Auto 2.0 team, thanks to the transformation of cars into electric and fully autonomous vehicles in the coming years, combined with the business model shift from car ownership to utilizing the sharing economy.

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Drones: Flying into the Mainstream

Having already made the leap from military to consumer use, drones are headed for industries from construction to cinematography to law enforcement. Goldman Sachs Research’s Noah Poponak explains the $100 billion market opportunity ahead.

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