2016 Tech Trends to Watch

Published on10 DEC 2015

Around the world, rapid advances in technology are fueling innovation, propelling economic growth and shaping our future. Ryan Limaye, Kim Posnett, Ward Waltemath and Tammy Kiely of the Technology, Media and Telecom Group in the Investment Banking Division, advise companies as they navigate this evolving landscape. In this video, they discuss four trends dominating the tech sector: data analytics, e-commerce, cyber security, and semiconductors.

Ryan Limaye
Global Head of Enterprise Technology and Communications Technology Investment Banking
Tammy Kiely
Global Co-Head of Semiconductor Investment Banking
Kim Posnett
Global Co-Head of Internet Investment Banking
Ward Waltemath
Head of Software Investment Banking

Limaye, on unlocking the value of big data: "Very, very soon… data analytics will allow us to predict the future."

Posnett, on what rising mobility means for the way we shop: "Many companies are innovating for what they believe will become a post-PC world, where all media, Internet and commerce are primarily driven off of mobile devices versus any other form of technology."

Waltemath, on the need for better cyber security: "What really keeps me up at night is the fact that more of our critical infrastructure connects to the Internet these days… if it connects to the Internet, it can be hacked."

Kiely, on a new era for the semiconductor: "[The] industry has been one of the very overlooked enablers of all of the most exciting things that are going on in technology… Every successive innovation [facilitates] more and more features, functions and devices."