Edge Computing

Published on17 JAN 2019
Technology Driving Innovation

Computing is facing a speed-versus-scale challenge as more devices generate more data from more locations. The cloud offers unrivaled computing power and storage, but getting data there and back takes time, limited by the speed of light and size of the internet’s “pipes.” Enter edge computing: an approach that brings the cloud’s capabilities closer to the devices generating the data. Goldman Sachs Research’s Heather Bellini sees this technology supplementing the cloud to unlock new real-time data applications—from telling self-driving trucks when to brake to alerting oil drills when to change course.   



When I think of the opportunities that lie ahead from all these exciting technologies that are going to change the world we live in on a daily basis, I think of edge computing as playing a pivotal role.

- Heather Bellini

Heather Bellini
Business Unit Leader, Telecommunications, Media and Technology, Goldman Sachs Research