The Future of Learning

Published on20 MAY 2019
Technology Driving Innovation

Education is reaching a tipping point as the gap widens between the skills delivered by the current system and those required by the digital economy, according to Goldman Sachs Research. This makes education ripe for disruption. “We think we’re right at the cusp of seeing the integration of technology significantly disrupt the way that education is delivered and the cost at which education can be provided,” Katherine Tait of Goldman Sachs Research explains in the latest episode of our series The Long & Short of It. Tait also discusses the changing nature of today’s workforce and the evolution to lifelong learning. “We think that as the rise in automation and technology in the workplace increases, it will also drive an increase in the need to re-skill and up-skill throughout one’s career, shifting that education spend from being so concentrated in the early years of someone’s life across the length of an individual’s career.”