Sustainable Finance Innovation

ESG Revolution Rising: From Low Chatter to Loud Roar

Widespread company focus on environmental, social, and governance metrics has faced something of a chicken-and-egg problem: investors often don't hear from companies why these metrics matter to the business, and companies perceive the lack of questions they're receiving as a lack of interest. But the tide may be turning.

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The Wind and Solar Boom

Falling wind and solar costs are set to spur even greater investment in renewable technologies. Alberto Gandolfi of Goldman Sachs Research explains.

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Low Carbon Momentum Beyond the Paris Agreement

The transition to a Low Carbon Economy is unlikely to be derailed by the US exit from the Paris Agreement, according to Jaakko Kooroshy of Goldman Sachs Research, who says that technology—not policy—remains in the driver’s seat.

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Lithium is the New Gasoline

Bob Koort, head of Industrials and Materials research for Goldman Sachs Research, explains why lithium – the world’s lightest solid element – is the key to unleashing the mass market potential of electric vehicles.

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Edward Norton: Capitalism and Creative Disruption

From his breakout role in 1996’s Primal Fear, Academy Award nominated actor Edward Norton has gravitated towards complex characters in both film and theater, but intertwined with his public life as an actor is an entrepreneurial drive focused on solving complex problems – both in business and the nonprofit sector.

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Three Views on Impact Investing

Hugh Lawson of Goldman Sachs Asset Management is joined by Elizabeth McGeveran of the McKnight Foundation and Scott Brown of New Energy Capital to discuss sustainable investing on our podcast, Exchanges at Goldman Sachs.

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Niche No Longer: ESG Investing Goes Mainstream

On the this episode of our podcast, Exchanges at Goldman Sachs, John Goldstein of Goldman Sachs Asset Management explains why more and more money managers view environmental, social and governance factors as essential to a rigorous investing approach.

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Reports: The Low Carbon Economy

The future Low Carbon Economy is now as much a transformative technology shift as it is a response to environmental challenges, according to Goldman Sachs Research. Learn more about the four technologies it sees leading the charge.

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Clean Energy Impact Report

After achieving our initial goal of financing and investing $40 billion in clean energy, we put the number in context as we look ahead to our expanded target: $150 billion by 2025.

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Environmental Policy Framework

We believe that a healthy environment is necessary for the well-being of society, our people and our business, and is the foundation for a sustainable and strong economy.

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