Goldman Sachs economists and strategists share insights on the key factors driving the global economy.


10 NOV 2023 Articles

The global economy will perform better than many expect in 2024

In their 2024 Macro Outlook, Goldman Sachs Research explains why they expect the global economy to outperform expectations in 2024 — just as it did in 2023.

15 NOV 2023 Articles

The US economy is on its final descent to a soft landing

In their 2024 US Economic Outlook, Goldman Sachs Research forecasts the US economy to easily beat consensus expectations again in 2024.

14 NOV 2023 Articles

Will the UK economy keep up with the rest of Europe in 2024?

In their 2024 UK Outlook, Goldman Sachs Research predicts GDP growth in the UK to improve modestly in the year ahead.

15 DEC 2023 Articles

2024 M&A Outlook: From Stability to Strength

Pressure on financial markets, shaky macroeconomic confidence, and rising interest rates all contributed to a subdued start to dealmaking in 2023 — although a welcome pickup in both announcements and new dialogue near the end of Q1 marked a notable shift toward recovery.

17 NOV 2023 Articles

AI poised to begin shifting from 'excitement' to 'deployment' in 2024

In their 2024 Outlook, Goldman Sachs Asset Management expects the shift for AI from the excitement phase into the deployment phase to continue.