Launch With GS is our $1 billion investment strategy grounded in our data-driven thesis that diverse teams drive strong returns. Through Launch With GS, Goldman Sachs aims to increase access to capital and facilitate connections for women, Black, Latinx and other diverse entrepreneurs and investors.

What Motivates Us

Companies led by diverse management teams leverage a range of perspectives to better compete in a global economy.


higher likelihood of industry-leading profitability for the companies in the top quartile for ethnic diversity1.


higher likelihood that top quartile companies in gender diversity will outperform1.

Diverse-owned funds are overrepresented in the top quartile of private equity funds2.

What Motivates Us

Despite the numbers, only a small percentage of U.S. venture capital goes to diverse teams.

Under 3% goes to all-women founding teams3

Only 1% goes to Black and Latinx founders4

Additionally, only a small amount of global private equity assets are managed by diverse teams.

Less than 1.3% of the $69 trillion of global financial assets under management is managed by people of color and women5

This market imbalance, coupled with our belief that diverse teams outperform, is the catalyst behind Launch With GS.

Opportunities for Investment


We invest capital in companies with diverse and gender-balanced leadership through GS Growth.

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Opportunities for Investment

Investment Managers

We partner with clients to invest in investment managers with at least one diverse General Partner across venture capital, growth equity, and private equity strategies.

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Entrepreneur Cohort

This customized virtual 6-week experience provides access to the best of Goldman Sachs – from industry experts to influential networks – while building relationships with investors.

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“The bottom line is this makes sense for our business. We also believe it makes a difference for entrepreneurs who have big ideas but find themselves cut out of the funding ecosystem.”

Stephanie Cohen
Global Co-Head of Consumer and Wealth Management

18 MAR 2021
Goldman Sachs Commits Additional $500 Million to Launch With GS for Total of $1 Billion
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