Launch With GS
Entrepreneur Cohort Alumni

Discover the alumni of the Launch With GS Entrepreneur Cohort. These innovative entrepreneurs are building fast-growing companies at the forefront of technology. 

Leaders Who Launch Q&As

A spotlight on business leaders who are changing the game and lighting the path.

Q+A with Chinwe Onyeagoro, Co-Founder and CEO of Pocketsuite
Chinwe Onyeagoro is the Co-Founder and CEO of Pocketsuite, an all-in-one app for independent professionals to run their business.
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Q+A with Ben Hernandez, Founder and CEO of NuMat
Ben Hernandez is the Founder and CEO of NuMat, a software-driven chemistry design company focused on solving generational challenges at the atomic level.
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Q+A with Ayesha Ofori, Founder and CEO of Propelle
Ayesha Ofori is the Founder and CEO of Propelle, a female focused investment platform designed to empower women to invest regularly and build wealth.
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