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The latest insights and perspectives from founders, investors and business leaders in the Launch With GS ecosystem. 

“We want to use capital to affect the supply and demand dynamics – increasing the number of women investors, while generating meaningful proof points for women’s investment performance.”

Suzanne Gauron
Managing Director
Global Head of Launch With GS

“In Asia, many healthcare, technology and consumer companies are increasingly catering to female consumers. Portfolio companies with a diverse leadership team at the helm have a clear competitive advantage since they are better positioned to understand the true needs of their customers.”

Stephanie Hui
Managing Director
Head of Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking in Asia and Co-head of GS Growth

“The bottom line is this makes sense for our business – because investing and helping companies grow is our business. We also hope it makes a difference for entrepreneurs who have big ideas but find themselves cut out of the funding ecosystem.”

Stephanie Cohen
Global Co-Head of Consumer and Wealth Management

“Diversity is critical to every analytical process. When you bring many different thoughts and unique perspectives together, everyone makes better decisions.”

Lisa Opoku
Managing Director
Global Chief Operating Officer for the Engineering Division

“Entrepreneurs think differently than everyone else – otherwise their idea would already exist. If you’re looking for entrepreneurs in the same place over and over again, you’ll get the same ideas, over and over again.”

Jade Mandel
Vice President
GS Growth

“When we invest in growth companies, amongst other things we are really backing management teams. We look for resilience, passion, and a demonstrated track record of making good decisions. And we believe that diverse teams make better decisions.”

Nishi Somaiya
Managing Director
Global Co-Head of Growth Equity

“We want to work with entrepreneurs who are humble and willing to do the work with us, because in the end they care about creating a great business that lasts. There’s a vision component to investing – what are you trying to build? And a values component – how are you going to build it?”

Darren Cohen
Managing Director
Global Co-Head of Growth Equity

“We believe that having a diverse team makes investors better at understanding risk. The investing industry as a whole has a long way to go when it comes to gender diversity. We can accept that as the way it is, or we can try to change it.”

Julian Salisbury
Managing Director
Global Co-Head of Goldman Sachs Asset Management

“We believe in the power of community in growing businesses, and that having a diverse network can make the difference in getting to that next level, whether you’re an entrepreneur or an investor. That’s what we’re building with Launch With GS.”

Jemma Wolfe
Vice President
Co-Head of Consumer and Wealth Management Strategy

“A successful investment firm requires a special combination of great investment thinking and great business building. We’ve found that the most thoughtful firms recognize these two skill sets are really distinct. The best managers work hard to build teams with a range of talents that complement, where the whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts.”

Chris Kojima
Managing Director
Global Co-Head of Alternatives Capital Markets & Strategy

Takeaways and Trends

Leaders in the Launch With GS community on recent trends across the funding ecosystem.

Investor Insights with Marlon Nichols

Our first Investor Insights guest was Marlon Nichols, Founder and Managing Partner of MaC Venture Capital. Marlon joined Suzanne Gauron, Global Head of Launch With GS, for a candid conversation on his journey to create MaC Venture Capital, MaC's unique thesis of investing at the intersection of technology and culture, and how he plans to navigate the deployment of a new $203 million fund amidst a challenging economic environment.

EU Taxonomy and the Impact on Corporate Sustainability

Daniel Parra, associate at Launch With GS is joined by Evan Tylenda, Head of GS SUSTAIN in EMEA, to discuss the new EU taxonomy for sustainable activities and how the EU is trying to lay out a clear definition of what is ‘sustainable.' In addition, Evan will explore how the new taxonomy might impact corporate sustainability activities over the next decade and beyond.

The Past, Present, and Future of Fintech and Payments in Europe

Daniel Parra, associate at Launch With GS, is joined by Gautam Pillai, Vice President in the Global Investment Research Division of Goldman Sachs to discuss the past, present, and future of fintech and payments in Europe. Among other topics, Daniel and Gautam reflect on the state of financial technology today and how the sector has evolved over the past decade, with a special focus on payments. They also discuss how COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of certain technology, including at the point of sale, and which elements of this adoption are here to stay.

Understanding the Data on Diversity in in the EMEA Venture Capital Ecosystem

Seun Toye-Kayode, Vice President and Launch With GS EMEA lead, was joined by key members of the EMEA venture capital ecosystem who are focused on collecting and addressing the data with respect to venture capital investment into diverse founders. The panelists delve into what the state of funding to entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds looks like today and what we might do to begin closing the gap.

How to Launch

A series featuring insights and advice from founders and Goldman Sachs investors on entrepreneurship and building businesses.

How To Run An Effective Board Meeting

Board meetings are serious business, but that doesn’t mean the only way to run them is by going through twenty-five slides of charts and spreadsheets. Unlocking the creativity and camaraderie of your board can go a long way in helping your business distinguish itself over time.

How To Structure Your Board

A board of directors is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Companies benefit from different sets of expertise at different stages in their growth, and it’s natural for board composition to evolve as companies mature. Having diverse perspectives around the table can help fill knowledge and skill gaps as the company evolves.

How To Grow Your Business

Often, the best advice comes from people who have been there before. At Goldman Sachs’ Private Internet Company Conference, we asked seven entrepreneurs to share the advice they have for fellow founders on everything from hiring to fundraising to leadership and scaling a successful company.

Leaders Who Launch

A spotlight on business leaders who are changing the game and lighting the path.

Q&A with Helen Adeosun, Founder and CEO of CareAcademy

Helen Adeosun is the Founder and CEO of CareAcademy. In this Q&A with Launch With GS, Helen shares how her experience as a direct care worker shaped the business that she wanted to build, her advice for her younger self, and her belief that entrepreneurship is a muscle.

Q&A with Max Tuchman, Co-Founder of Caribu

Max Tuchman is the co-founder of Caribu, an educational family entertainment platform for kids ages 0-13 to have a virtual playdate with family and friends. In this Q&A with Launch with GS, Max shares how she managed the growth of Caribu following the outbreak of COVID-19, the importance of the Latinx community, and leadership advice for fellow founders.

Q&A with Jean Brownhill, Founder and CEO of Sweeten

Jean Brownhill is the CEO and Founder of Sweeten, which matches home renovation projects with thoroughly vetted general contractors, while offering expert advice, tools, and financial protection—at no cost to homeowners. In this Q&A with Launch With GS, Jean shares the leadership philosophy that she applies across her business and everyday life, how to avoid the “trap of perfection”, and her expert tip for home renovators.

Q&A with Damien Pellicione, Co-Founder and CEO of Revry

Damien Pellicione is the CEO and Co-Founder of Revry, the world’s first LGBTQ+ global media streaming platform. In this Q&A with Launch With GS, Damien shares why he chose to build a business with 4 equal co-founders, and why a framed letter from a user sits in his office to remind him of the mission behind Revry.

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