Case Study: COVID-19 Preparedness Kits

When we needed assistance putting together COVID-19 preparedness kits for our people, the firm turned to two of its 10,000 Small Business graduates, UK-China Trading Ltd and Rhoback, one of its 10,000 Women graduates, Bonorganik and one of its long-standing diverse vendors, woman-owned Scarborough and Tweed, to deliver 60,000 Return to Office preparedness kits. Each kit consisted of two washable cloth masks, a digital thermometer, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, and an informational card, all contained within a ‘Return to Office’ cinch bag. 

Although supply chains saw tight timelines of six weeks from ordering, our small business partners were able to provide 120,000 multi-layer cloth masks to be distributed, and Scarborough and Tweed provided the non-mask products and handled fulfillment in partnership with firm’s DMG teams globally. The pandemic has indeed tested response times and safety, and our small and diverse vendor partners have bolstered the resiliency of our supply chain.