2005: Environmental Policy Framework

Goldman Sachs Established Environmental Policy Framework

In November 2005, Goldman Sachs released the Environmental Policy Framework, which articulates our conviction that a healthy environment is a prerequisite for a strong economy and a sustainable future. As a leading global financial institution we take seriously our responsibility for environmental and social stewardship. We apply this framework every day to ensure that we use our people, capital and ideas to seek out market-based solutions to these pressing issues and to identify business opportunities that benefit the environment.

Additional Milestone - Goldman Sachs Formed Carbon Emissions Trading Desk

In 2005, we established our carbon emissions trading desk following the launch of the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme. We became a market maker for carbon emissions and other environmental commodities, enabling greater liquidity and market access, and helping our clients manage risks more effectively. Through our efforts, we are helping advance environmental policies and furthering the development of these markets.