2012: Clean Energy Financing & Investment Target

Goldman Sachs Committed $40 Billion Toward Clean Energy Financing and Investment

In 2012, despite a challenging market environment, we resolved to deploy $40 billion over the following decade to finance and invest in clean energy companies. We believe the clean technology sector is set to rapidly expand, diversifying energy sources through innovative alternative energy technologies.

Since 2012, we have financed more than $35 billion and co-invested more than $2 billion in the clean energy industry. On the cusp of momentous growth, the industry has the potential to improve efficiency, provide significant value to consumers, and usher in a low-carbon future. In 2015, we announced the expansion of our clean energy financing and investing target to $150 billion by 2025.

Additional Milestone - Goldman Sachs Hosted Inaugural Clean Energy Ecosystem Summit

In October 2012, the firm hosted its inaugural Clean Energy Ecosystem Summit to explore opportunities for fostering innovation in the clean technology sector. We brought together business leaders, policymakers, academics and entrepreneurs to explore clean energy solutions.