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Our Principles

Global Leadership and Diversity
Goldman Sachs is strongly committed to being best in class in the area of diversity. We have diverse clients and we manage a broad range of businesses all over the world. To be the best we need the creativity and innovation that diversity provides, and therefore diversity is an ongoing imperative for us that requires our attention and focused efforts.

Consistent with our commitment, we recently established the Office of Global Leadership and Diversity to focus on creating integrated leadership and diversity initiatives across our businesses. These initiatives include recruiting, mentoring, career development and succession planning and seek to ensure that we are attracting, developing and promoting the best talent.

The Office of Global Leadership and Diversity is implementing accountability measures to help us assess our progress in meeting these goals. The Office consists of a central team as well as divisional and regional Leadership and Diversity Managers who will ensure that our efforts are supported, coordinated and effective across the firm.

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