Goldman Sachs 2003 Annual Report An Innovative Reaction
We help investors find the ideas to make their capital grow previousnext
We help investors find the ideas that make their capital grow.

Investors are viewing markets and asset classes in far more fluid and global terms than in years past. Where previously they focused on individual industries, regions or asset classes, they now seek broader options to diversify risk and produce competitive returns.

As market dynamics grow more complex, our investing clients call upon Goldman Sachs to help them access new opportunities, as well as to protect and enhance the value of existing investments. Research insights, such as our 2003 report on Global Energy, help guide clients to investment opportunities in sectors with growth potential. We also help clients monitor and track assets, portfolios and actual performance precisely and in real time.

Through these activities, Goldman Sachs contributes to efficient and productive investment of capital worldwide.
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“In many cases we work with entrepreneurs who didn't come from great wealth, but who had a great idea, and who worked really hard to achieve it. So they've built this wealth, and we help them to preserve it and pass it on to future generations.”

leslie rubler, investment management, new york

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