Intellectual Capital

Goldman Sachs Private Wealth Management offers compelling insight on a range of topics, including asset allocation, investment strategies, market dynamics and wealth management. Here are a few examples of our client-focused publications.

Through a relationship with Private Wealth Management, our clients can also access the broader intellectual capital of Goldman Sachs, including Global Investment Research publications and commentary on economics, markets and issues.


Jun 2021
Digital Assets: Beauty Is Not in the Eye of the Beholder

Jan 2021
US Resilient

Jan 2020
Room to Grow

Jan 2019
American Preeminence in a Rattled World

Oct 2018    
The Unsteady Undertow Commands the Seas (Temporarily) 

Jul 2018   
Taking Stock of Our 2018 Outlook: (Un)Steady as She Goes 

Jan 2018    
(Un)Steady as She Goes

Jan 2017   
Half Full

Jan 2016
Walled In: China's Great Dilemma

Jan 2016   
The Last Innings

Jan 2015
US Preeminence

Jan 2014
Within Sight of the Summit

Jan 2013
Over the Horizon

Jan 2012
Up Periscope

Jan 2011
Stay the Course

Summer 2010
The Accidental Collector

Fall 2009
Risk Management