GSET Equities

GSET's comprehensive offering provides clients a breadth of choices aimed at effectively accessing liquidity in equity markets around the globe.

Our electronic trading solutions are complemented by an iterative approach to execution quality that allows us to effectively respond to changes in client needs and evolving equity markets. By constantly evaluating performance with a variety of historical and real-time data, our team can help clients achieve their objectives and trade with confidence.  

Algorithms and Smart Order Router

Goldman Sachs Electronic Trading (GSET) offers a comprehensive suite of algorithms to help clients achieve their trading objectives. Our algorithms are designed to leverage both our historical analyses and real-time market information, making the strategies dynamic tools to help clients navigate a variety of market conditions.






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Spread Trader



Port X


Smart Order Router



Liquidity Access

Goldman Sachs Electronic Trading (GSET) aims to efficiently connect clients to superior liquidity access across the global markets, providing opportunities for price improvement and reduced market impact. 

Goldman Sachs EMEA – Electronic Trading Questionnaire

Goldman Sachs EMEA – Accessible Venues



Our algorithms take advantage of our SIGMA XTM liquidity pools. Built on the strength of GSET's diverse client base, the quality liquidity found in our pools can drive better execution and improved trading results. GSET helps clients intelligently access the fragmented liquidity landscape, in-line with each order's underlying objective.

In addition to SIGMA X2 TM in the US, our global suite of liquidity pools includes SIGMA X MTFTM in Europe, SIGMA XTM Japan, SIGMA XTM Hong Kong and SIGMA XTM Australia.

Goldman Sachs SIGMA X2 TM US 

Goldman Sachs SIGMA XTM in Asia - Frequently Asked Questions



SIGMA X provides clients with deeper liquidity on the basis of non-discretionary crossing with flow from external Participants and the Goldman Sachs franchise. SIGMA X provides access to liquidity across Europe through two platforms: SIGMA X MTF, the UK-based platform launched in 2011, and SIGMA X Europe MTF, the France-based platform launched in late 2020. For more information, please visit the SIGMA X MTF website. 


Execution Consulting and Analytics

Sophisticated pre-, intra- and post-trade analytics play a critical role in helping our clients achieve their trading objectives. Goldman Sachs Electronic Trading (GSET) helps interpret raw execution data and suggests ways to improve our clients' trading solutions so they can trade with confidence.

From algorithm selection to reducing trading cost, GSET is committed to finding the solution that best suits our clients' specific trading needs. Our team takes a metrics-driven approach to evaluating quality of execution, working closely with our clients to develop further customizations to fit unique investment objectives. We base our decisions on structured experiments and rigorous analysis, which allows us to create uniquely tailored solutions to help improve trading results.