Equity - Corporate Private Equity

A global leader in private corporate equity.

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The group:

  • Invests across a broad range of industries in the Americas, Europe and Asia (including India),

  • Targets investments ranging in size from $50 million to more than $800 million, and

  • Seeks to maximize investment value through financial and operational value creation.


MBD seeks long-term capital appreciation by committing equity to high quality companies with strong management. We seek to generate superior returns in a variety of situations, including leveraged buy-outs, recapitalizations, growth investments and stressed/distressed investments across a range of industries and geographies.


We offer unique benefits to our clients, beginning with our 30 years of private corporate equity investing experience. Our global network provides access to well-regarded management teams, sponsors and leading corporations. Other advantages include:

  • Access to sophisticated financial advice in public and private market financing, mergers, acquisitions, trading, foreign exchange, commodities and investment and economic research.

  • Relationships with numerous companies, individuals and governments worldwide in sourcing, structuring and operating successful business ventures.

  • A creative approach to identifying attractive investments by leveraging the scale of our committed capital, sponsorship and experience.

  • Successful execution, even in difficult market environments, due to our established relationships and broad access to financing and capital markets.

  • Active support for our portfolio companies’ long-term goals, management teams and efforts to build value.