Launch With GS is Goldman Sachs' commitment to invest $500 million in women-led companies and investment managers. In our efforts to narrow the gender investing gap, we are also building a global network of business leaders to facilitate connections, share ideas, and uncover opportunities. Ultimately, we believe investing in diverse teams – diversity of gender, thought, and background – leads to outperformance and will drive growth for our clients, shareholders and communities.

The Opportunity

Women founders and investors receive less capital than their male peers – a phenomenon often referred to as the ‘gender investing gap.’ In the US, all-women founding teams raised only 2.2% of VC funding in 2018, and just over 5% of PE firms in the US are women-owned. More broadly, fewer than 1 in 20 CEOs in the S&P 500 are women1.

We know that tackling the gender investing gap is a challenge that’s far larger than any single company, but we believe that Launch With GS is a step in the right direction.

Our Approach to Driving Value and Change

Investing in women-led companies

through Goldman Sachs’ principal investing businesses, focusing on later-stage growth equity

Backing women-centered* investment managers

by investing client capital across venture capital, growth equity, and private equity strategies

Building a community

of entrepreneurs, investors and other business leaders to facilitate connections and grow the pipeline of future investment opportunities

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Our Perspectives

“In Asia, many healthcare, technology and consumer companies are increasingly catering to female consumers. Portfolio companies with a diverse leadership team at the helm have a clear competitive advantage since they are better positioned to understand the true needs of their customers.”

Stephanie Hui
Managing Director
Corporate Investing

“We believe in the power of community in growing businesses, and that having a diverse network can make the difference in getting to that next level, whether you’re an entrepreneur or an investor. That’s what we’re building with Launch With GS.”

Jemma Wolfe
Vice President
Business Lead for Launch With GS

“Entrepreneurs think differently than everyone else – otherwise their idea would already exist. If you’re looking for entrepreneurs in the same place over and over again, you’ll get the same ideas, over and over again.”

Jade Mandel
Vice President
Principal Strategic Investments

“When we invest in growth companies, amongst other things we are really backing management teams. We look for resilience, passion, and a demonstrated track record of making good decisions. And we believe that diverse teams make better decisions.”

Nishi Somaiya
Managing Director
European Special Situations Group

“We want to work with entrepreneurs who are humble and willing to do the work with us, because in the end they care about creating a great business that lasts. There’s a vision component to investing – what are you trying to build? And a values component – how are you going to build it?”

Darren Cohen
Managing Director
Global Head, Principal Strategic Investments

“Having worked in this industry for close to a decade, I’ve seen the gender investing gap firsthand. There’s a real economic benefit to having more women in board meetings and on investment committees, and in enabling women to create businesses that serve the broader economy.”

Olga Kaplan
Vice President
GS Growth

“The bottom line is this makes sense for our business – because investing and helping companies grow is our business. We also hope it makes a difference for women who have big ideas but find themselves cut out of the funding ecosystem.”

Stephanie Cohen
Chief Strategy Officer

“We believe that having a diverse team makes investors better at understanding risk. The investing industry as a whole has a long way to go when it comes to gender diversity. We can accept that as the way it is, or we can try to change it.”

Julian Salisbury
Managing Director
Head, Global Special Situations Group

“We’ll measure our success through our investment returns. We want to prove that investing in female-led businesses is not a trend – it’s good economics. That’s important.”

Rana Yared
Managing Director
Principal Strategic Investments

“A successful investment firm requires a special combination of great investment thinking and great business building. We’ve found that the most thoughtful firms recognize these two skill sets are really distinct. The best managers work hard to build teams with a range of talents that complement, where the whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts.”

Chris Kojima
Managing Director
Alternative Investments & Manager Selection

News and Events

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Stats on VC funding as of December 2018: Fortune, Pitchbook; PE firm data as of December 2018; Bella Private Markets. Women-owned is defined using a 50% equity threshold; CEOs in S&P as of January 2019; Catalyst, Pyramid.
*Women-centered firms may include 1) firms that have at least one female voting investment committee member (or a firm’s equivalent to a risk taking authority) or 2) firms where women take 25% or more of ownership or incentive compensation

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