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Specialty Lending

We provide middle-market borrowers and owners with simple, streamlined financing solutions that deliver certainty. Our offering presents prospective and existing clients with clear advantages.

Responsiveness and Creativity. We deliver clear, quick and thoughtful responses; we resolve issues quickly and make intelligent decisions. Our diverse and experienced team of professionals develops creative solutions based on our internal assessment of risk and returns and avoids relying on traditional credit parameters or market conventions.

Fully Underwritten Transactions. We deliver certainty. We seek to fully underwrite our transactions to eliminate syndication risk for our borrowers. We do not rely on broad syndications and can make commitments without market flex language.

Leadership Role in Credits. We intend to hold significant, meaningfully influential positions within our credits, allowing us to play a leadership role to resolve issues when they arise.

One Stop, Single Lien Structures. We have the ability to structure single lien financings that encompass a blended risk profile and cost of capital to eliminate inter-creditor issues and facilitate fast and reliable closings.

Risk-Adjusted Return Investing. We assess and price risk without relying on market conventions to invest across the entire capital structure, including standalone first lien, second lien and junior capital investments. We can consider structures involving incremental leverage or more flexible terms, compared with the prevailing market.

Capital Access to Capital-Constrained Companies. We excel at providing financing solutions to companies with limited access to capital, including non-rated, smaller and middle-market companies, businesses with complex business models and entities with a high level of intrinsic value relative to hard assets or cash flow.