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Specialty Lending

The Goldman Sachs Specialty Lending Group seeks to hold sizable positions and play a leadership role in our investments.

Our focus on underwriting the underlying intrinsic value of a business enables us to creatively invest in a broad spectrum of credit risk. We are able to fully underwrite single lien structures ranging in size from $20 million to $150 million. These fully underwritten, one-stop financing solutions incorporate first lien, second lien and mezzanine risk in a simple capital structure that eliminates inter-creditor issues and syndication risk, enabling fast and reliable closings. We also have the flexibility to invest in individual tranches of debt.

A number of key philosophies form the foundation of our unique approach to specialty lending.

Our people determine our success. Our highly skilled team of investing professionals allows us to develop unique perspectives and craft creative solutions that demonstrate substantive differences for our borrowers.

We invest capital with a long-term focus. This investing culture allows us to focus our time and effort on understanding our borrowers’ long-term fundamentals.

We are committed to the middle market. Our focus is on middle market companies, delivering flexible, reliable capital while leveraging the firm-wide resources of Goldman Sachs.

We value relationships and building trust. We create strong, lasting relationships with owners and managers and build the trust of our borrowers by honoring commitments, responding to needs and communicating directly.