Prime Brokerage
Risk Management and Financing

The Prime Brokerage Group provides financing solutions and risk models that allow hedge fund managers to execute a wide range of investment strategies, while still providing a framework that is predictable and reliable across all market conditions.

We strive to:

  • Optimize leverage in line with our clients’ financing and asset protection needs.
  • Implement predictable and stable margin policies.
  • Deliver intuitive and relevant risk management analytics.
  • Build strong lines of communication with our clients.

Risk Modeling

Our modeling of risk is comprehensive and designed to fully reflect our clients’ strategies within a single and flexible stress test. This test is intuitive, transparent and stable, using clearly stated, predefined scenarios that are not sensitive to prevailing market volatility. Using this model we are able to provide a unified risk methodology across all factors, including equity, credit, interest rates, foreign exchange, volatility and liquidity.