With over 30 years of experience, Goldman Sachs has an extensive global footprint in the futures market covering 55 major derivatives exchanges worldwide.

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Goldman, Sachs & Co. is regularly listed among the largest FCMs with respect to the amount of segregated and secured funds held on behalf of customers according to data published by the CFTC. The size and diversification of our client base, along with the amount of Goldman Sachs capital committed to the business, provide our clients with added security.

Voice Execution. Our agency-only futures desk has extensive experience executing futures and options on futures. Our presence in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, London, Hong Kong, Sydney and Tokyo ensures that our clients receive a global perspective and 24-hour coverage. Our voice execution desk helps clients navigate today’s volatile markets by providing market insight and analysis of trade flows across asset classes.

Electronic Trading. We provide our clients with numerous options for electronic execution via many industry trading platforms, including REDIPlus. In addition to electronic execution platforms, Goldman Sachs provides integrated solutions with a broad selection of ISV and OMS platforms as well as connectivity to client-developed software. We also offer clients access to advanced and customizable trading strategies through our futures algorithm suite.

Clearing and Reporting. We offer clients secure access to a sophisticated suite of reports and tools through our GS 360 Portal, including real-time trade reporting, robust clearing data, and customizable report sets. Additionally, we offer work flow tools to assist clients in the daily reconciliation of trade and cash flows as well as interactive margin tools. GS 360 allows clients to customize reports, query archived data and subscribe to receive reports in a variety of formats and flexible delivery methods.