GSQuartix is an investment offering within the Goldman Sachs Securities Division that spans funds, certificates, notes, warrants, and external manager platforms. It provides investors in EMEA and Asia access to a wide range of innovative, customised solutions across asset types, products and regions, all delivered through a consistent, transparent infrastructure. GSQuartix is a single entry point to the global reach of the Goldman Sachs Securities Division and the deep expertise of our people.   
GSQuartix can help clients navigate changing market dynamics by offering:

The global resources, reach, and deep expertise of the Goldman Sachs Securities Division

  • Broad access to markets, trade ideas, and infrastructure
  • Innovative solutions cross-asset class, cross-product, and cross-region
  • A single point of entry to the Goldman Sachs Securities Division – creating a more seamless, streamlined client experience across delivery mechanisms. 

External Manager Platforms

GSQuartix External Manager Platforms can help clients to meet their objectives through fund portfolio construction and product delivery utilising the broad resources of Goldman Sachs.

The Platforms offer investors:

  • Utilisation of the same managed account infrastructure the Goldman Sachs Securities Division has utilised for many years to manage its derivative risks
  • Unparalleled risk analytics and tools
  • Bespoke products tailored to investor requirements
  • Access to fund managers across multiple strategies
  • Flexibility to request the addition of further managers to the Platforms

The GSQuartix External Manager Platforms Web site within the Goldman Sachs 360 Portal provides investors access to factual information on all managers on the Platforms, together with high level risk analytics on each fund (where available).

For more information on the External Manager Platforms, please contact:

Securitised Products

The GSQuartix Securitised Products Platform encompasses a range of investment products delivered via certificates, notes and warrants. Payoffs range from simple one delta to the more structured, and the underlying assets to which our products are linked are equally diverse across equities, commodities, currencies, interest rates and funds. The Platform currently has over 25,000 products in issue, all of which are available to trade real-time through a stock exchange or other electronic channels.

Country-specific Web sites offer live indicative prices and payoffs for certificates, notes and warrants. Streaming prices, offering documentation, and some analytics are available for each security.

Structured Fund Solutions 

GSQuartix Structured Fund Solutions Platform seeks to deliver long-term returns through a spectrum of cross-asset fund structures including UCITS formats. The Platform seeks to provide investors with access to unique content that is built upon both the research of our economists and analysts and the trading ideas of our multiple trading desks. This internal content is augmented with access to content from a select group of external alternative asset managers.

The Platform leverages this innovative content and an experienced team to:

  • Deliver funds in a wide range of fund structures including UCITS formats, under various European, Asian and Latin American jurisdictions
  • Provide access to non-traditional underliers
  • Offer controls through internal committees who have oversight of, and monitor, the product offerings

The GSQuartix Structured Fund Solutions Web site offers investors up to date NAV, performance reports, fact sheets, offering documentation and analytics on each fund.

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