Diversity and Inclusion
Vendor Diversity and Inclusion

We strive to provide a full spectrum of businesses with the opportunity to compete on a fair and equal basis for our business and, ideally, to expand and grow while working with us. Having a diverse and inclusive supply chain is a social and economic imperative and we look for vendors that share this commitment.

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To do this, we encourage the use of qualified businesses where opportunities exist, promote strategic partnerships and engage a number of external stakeholders in support of our efforts.

We continue to make progress expanding the global reach of our vendor diversity and inclusion efforts. Our program began in North America in 2000, expanded to Europe in 2005 and then to Asia Pacific in 2009. We currently have diversity and inclusion definitions for over 20 countries where we operate, which include the following categories, where applicable:

  • Ethnic Minority Owned 
  • Indigenous Owned
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Owned
  • Locally Owned or Locally Owned and Small and Medium Enterprise
  • Disability Owned
  • Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business
  • Social Enterprise Business
  • Small and Medium Enterprise or Small Business
  • Supported Business
  • Veteran Owned Small Business
  • Women Owned

When constructing our global headquarters in New York, more than $300 million was awarded to women and minority-owned businesses - making it the most successful project in the history of New York State’s Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise program upon completion. Nontraditional Employment for Women (NEW), a New York nonprofit that works with unions to bring women into higher-paying jobs in construction trades, recognized Goldman Sachs with its Equity Leadership award for its diversity efforts in the construction of our headquarters building. This is just one example of our commitment to vendor diversity and inclusion.

As a firm, we take our reputation for excellence seriously and seek to align with business partners who share our commitment to quality. In selecting our vendors, we consider businesses that can supply us with the most cost-effective, reliable products and services. Prospective vendors are evaluated on several criteria, including:

  • Quality of their products and services
  • Customer service
  • Pricing
  • Ability to assist us in meeting our business goals
  • Environmental, Social and Governance commitments

If the ownership structure, scale or nature of your business (and/or one of the companies you subcontract to)  meets one or more of your country's national, state or local standards as defined above and you are interested in becoming a Goldman Sachs vendor, please complete the prospective vendor form and return it via e-mail to Your submission must include a current copy of your relevant certification by a recognized agency and/or self-certification documentation. Note that submission of the form is for informational purposes and internal use only. It is not a guarantee of business and does not ensure "Approved" vendor status.

Message from Our Chairman

Goldman Sachs has a passion for achieving results – for our clients, our employees and the communities where we work around the globe. We understand that one way to improve our results is to capitalize on the broad range of experience, skill and perspective that people from different backgrounds possess.

Through our Vendor Diversity Program, Goldman Sachs seeks to cultivate relationships with diverse businesses that share our commitment to achieving excellent results. Vendor diversity not only increases competition and the potential for economic savings, but also provides a means to build the economic foundation of the communities in which we operate around the world. Through the unique expertise of diverse businesses, Goldman Sachs benefits from innovative ideas, a broader customer base and better service for our clients. Our goal is for the firm to have access to the highest quality products and services at the best possible price. We look forward to the prospect of working with you.

Lloyd C. Blankfein
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


  • Is there a registration process for participating in Goldman Sachs’ Vendor Diversity Program? What is the procedure for registering my company?

    Yes—complete the attached prospective diverse vendor form and email to Note that submission of the form is for informational purposes and internal use only. It is not a guarantee of business and does not ensure "Approved" vendor status.

  • Does my company have to be certified as a diverse business to participate in the Goldman Sachs Vendor Diversity Program?

    Goldman Sachs requires diverse business certification from a national, state or locally-recognized third party certification agency. In countries where third party certification does not exist, self-certification documentation is acceptable, but remains subject to review and approval by Goldman Sachs.

  • What happens after I submit a diverse vendor profile to the Goldman Sachs Vendor Diversity Program? Will someone contact me?

    You will be contacted at Goldman Sachs’ discretion upon review of your prospective diverse vendor form. Inquiries providing products/services not currently sought will be maintained for future consideration.