Advice from Laurie Schmidt, Asset & Wealth Management

22 JUN 2016

Laurie Schmidt, a managing director in Asset & Wealth Management, shares five pieces of advice that she would give her younger self.

1. Find your seat. Look for something that no one else is doing. Finding a niche that complements your strengths will pay dividends and help you make a name for yourself. When the time comes, be ready to let go of that seat to identify your next role.

2. Find your people. Throughout your career, you are going to meet people who want to see you succeed and will take you under their wings. Go out of your way to make time for these individuals and cultivate relationships with them.

3. Find yourself. It’s not all about work, even if it may seem that way. Get out of the office, see a movie, plan a trip, read a book. No one can manage your life but you.

4. No one is perfect. Ask for help, and listen to the feedback you are given. Take it for what it is – great advice from smart people who want to see you succeed. They wouldn’t be spending time on sharing their views if they didn’t.

5. Take a deep breath. The road is going to be uphill a lot of the time, but on the other side of the hill will be a few miles to coast before it is time to climb again. Being calm and level-headed is critical to your success.