Saying goodbye to plastic

How are we making things possible?
Because plastic is difficult to recycle, and much of it becomes plastic pollution, our goal is to eliminate disposable plastic across our operations, particularly in vending machines, micro markets and cafes on our campuses. Plastic bottles, for example, have been replaced by glass, aluminum and cardboard alternatives.  The firm is on track to remove 100 percent of plastic bottles and disposables we consume by 2025.

Why it’s important to us.
As a firm we take our responsibility for environmental stewardship seriously, and we all have an important role to play in making our present and future campuses more sustainable.  Moving to reusable cups is one small, but meaningful step towards reducing the firm’s impact on the environment.

38 tons of waste per year expected to be eliminated
85% of plastics we consume to be removed by the end of 2019
100% of plastic bottles and disposables we consume to be removed by 2025