Early Careers - FAQs

Learn about “Early Careers” skills-based recruiting in the Americas.

What is “Early Careers” skills-based recruiting? 
From sales and investing to project management and regulatory compliance, Goldman Sachs requires a variety of skills to support and grow our businesses.  As such, we introduced an “Early Careers” skills-based recruiting model in the United States (select offices) for professionals with six months to three years of experience.  This model enables eligible professionals to apply to a relevant skill versus a division.  In addition to skills-based applications, we encourage potential candidates to review analyst job requisitions as well given not all office locations are included in this initial launch.

What are the skills I can apply to?
You can learn more about the skills here. They include:

  • Client Services and Sales Support
  • Trade and Transaction Management
  • Business Finance and Accounting/Financial Planning
  • Data Development, Governance and Analytics
  • Risk Management
  • Product Management and Marketing
  • Talent Acquisition, Development and Management
  • Sales
  • Financial Modeling/Research
  • Project Management
  • Trading/Quantitative Modeling
  • Investing
  • Regulatory Compliance/Legal
  • Engineering

The list will continue to grow as our organization evolves, so we encourage you to check back. 

Why is Goldman Sachs introducing this model? 
We are evolving as an organization and continuously focused on building an agile workforce.  We want to ensure talent understands the range of skills that exist at our firm.  Through this model, we shift the focus from applying to a division to applying to a skill, which we believe will ultimately help those just starting out in their careers effectively navigate the career opportunities that exist at Goldman Sachs.  As a firm, we are constantly pushing ourselves to innovate and test recruiting practices to ensure we are attracting the most diverse set of talent. 

Is the "Early Careers" recruiting model available in any other regions?
Although the “Early Careers” recruiting model is currently only available to professionals with six months to three years of professional experience in the United States, we are always testing and evolving our recruiting practices and will look to expand globally in the near future.  For those interested in jobs outside of the United States, please check out our careers site to explore job opportunities and apply directly to a job.

How does the interview process for "Early Careers" work?
Here are a few steps to summarize the process:

  • Explore skills on gs.com/careers
  • Apply to the skill(s) and locations that interest you. Ensure you apply to the skill that is noted as “Early Careers”.
  • If your application is under consideration, Goldman Sachs recruiting will invite you to complete a video interview. Learn more about video interviewing best practices.
  • Based on the review of your video interview by our recruiting team and Goldman Sachs professionals, you may be invited to attend a superday that is centered around the skill you applied to. The superday will be conducted in a structured interview format. Learn more about interviewing best practices. Prior to the superday, you will be made aware of the specific teams you are interviewing with so you can best prepare for your interviews.
  • Even if you do not receive an offer, we will keep you in mind and reach out as roles become available that relate to the skill you are interested in.

If I apply, when should I expect to hear back if my application is being considered?  
Your application will be considered on a rolling basis and when opportunities become available at the firm.