Bola Ogunmefun, Tisserin Engineers

Bola is a chartered structural engineer with over 15 years’ design and management experience in the construction industry. His entrepreneurial journey began in 2019 when he left his full-time role to start his own business.

"I always wanted to run a business, I was unsure what in, but once I settled on doing what I knew, I haven’t looked back."

Bola wanted to use his experience as a structural engineer to develop a timber design and structural engineering business focusing on and enhancing the service clients received from construction consultants.

“I was keen to offer a reliable service to our clients, where we were the go-to company in the industry.”

Bola is a 2023 10,000 Small Businesses graduate, taking the course as an opportunity to learn about business management and growing sustainably. One of his key highlights so far has been the networking opportunity the course provided:

“Being able to network with other business owners was invaluable, especially those further along their business journey. I know that success is the result of a million actions or habits, but you never know unless you have someone to speak to whether you are on the right track. The course gave me both valuable content, and access to amazing inspiring individuals, as well as the confidence to move forward.”

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