Olivia Robinson, Devour Creations

Professionally, Olivia has always worked on the creative side of businesses and through her work she travelled extensively and had the opportunity to experience new foods.

“Each time you travel somewhere new you can see how food brings people together and creates an authentic warmth to human interaction – that’s what makes life worth living for me.”

From creative director of a global baby company to a founder of a pizza oven company, Olivia formed Devour when coming across a derelict mill close to home which was the perfect space to harness her travelling and tasting experience.

Devour was formed in 2018 with the vision of becoming the leading creator of unforgettable hospitality experiences. Being full of ideas, Olivia embarked on the 10,000 Small Businesses course with the aim of turning her ideas into deliverable outputs:

“Goldman Sachs played a crucial role in helping me transform my ideas into actionable milestones. With their guidance, I was able to shape my vision into a concrete plan. They unravelled the complexities of my ideas, breaking them down into manageable steps and then skilfully built them back up into a cohesive and strategic roadmap. Their expertise and support turned my abstract concepts into a tangible reality on paper. Without their involvement, my plans would have remained mere ideas, but with their assistance, I gained the clarity and structure needed to bring my vision to life.”


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