Ollie Scott, We Are UNKNOWN

Ollie founded creative recruitment business UNKNOWN in 2019, which aims to solve creative businesses problems by offering diverse and differentiated talent. As well as helping the creative industry, Ollie also has strong ambitions for his own team:

“I wanted to build a culture that grew healthy, high performing, high earning humans that still had a lot of fun at the same time.”

The aim of the business is to connect people with a creative passion with likeminded businesses:

“Lots of people think we're a creative or design agency, which we take as a compliment. But really, we're just a bunch of passionate recruiters that empathise deeply with what our clients and candidates are going through.”

Within the space of a few years, Ollie grew his business to 17 people with a significant turnover through grit, passion, an understanding of how to build culture and a supportive network around him. Despite these great achievements, Ollie felt there was more he wanted to do to take his business to the next level:

“I knew I needed to address my shortcomings as a founder if we were to get to the next checkpoint. You get to a certain point where you feel a little out of your depth. Sometimes it's as simple as having someone reassure you that you can do it."

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