06 FEB 2024

New Survey Data Shows Black Small Business Owners Less Likely to Secure Loans

  • Despite clear disparity, Black small business owners remain optimistic about economic prospects in 2024

NEW YORK, February 6, 2024 – In an effort to highlight the contributions of and the challenges faced by Black small business owners during Black History Month, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Voices today released new survey data showing Black small business owners face inordinate barriers to accessing capital, are less likely to secure loans, and often face predatory payment terms at higher rates. Despite this, Black small business owners report increased optimism and higher profit expectations for the year ahead.

“Black small business owners continue to disproportionately face challenges accessing affordable capital with fair terms, and on top of that, we’re often the target of predatory loans,” said Markevis Gideon, founder of NERDiT NOW in Wilmington, DE. “Closing these gaps and holding bad actors accountable must be a priority for lawmakers and regulators. Despite these unique challenges, Black small business owners continue to demonstrate incredible resilience and a sense of optimism about the future for our small businesses and our communities.”

Key findings from the survey include:

  • Access to Capital: Black small business owners are disproportionately unable to get necessary capital for their businesses to grow. An astonishing 86% of Black small business owners surveyed were concerned about access to capital, higher than the overall percentage of 77% of small business owners.
  • Loan Application Disparities: Black small business owners are more likely to have applied for new loans or lines of credit compared to the national average (44% vs. 35%). However, they are also less likely to receive the full amount they requested, with only 32% of those same small business owners receiving the requested funds compared to 40% nationally.
  • Predatory Payment Terms: Alarmingly, 37% of Black small business owners who have taken loans in the last year report experiencing payment terms that felt predatory compared to 28% nationally.
  • Optimism and Profit Expectations: Despite these challenges, Black small business owners express remarkable optimism, with 81% expressing positivity about their business prospects, compared to 75% nationally. Moreover, 75% of Black small business owners anticipate an increase in profits in 2024, surpassing the national average of 62%.

The nationwide survey of 1,459 small business owners was taken January 15-21, 2024. Respondents came from 49 U.S. States, Puerto Rico, and Washington, D.C. For more information on the survey, please visit: http://www.gs.com/glass-half-full.


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