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Are you an entrepreneur ready to grow your business?
10,000 Women has supported over 200,000 women entrepreneurs across 150+ countries. This ten-course program covers all aspects of running a business, designed for women entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

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About the Online Program

10,000 Women online is now available in French 
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Who is the Course For?

10,000 Women is open for anyone to enroll. The collection was designed to meet the needs of women business owners in emerging economies, however there are no eligibility criteria to take part. If you’re ready to grow your business, you will benefit from the range of topics covered in this innovative collection of online courses.

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Courses are designed specifically for entrepreneurs ready to grow their businesses.

There are 10 courses in Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women. Each course runs for a week and covers a different aspect of your business--from leadership style and management structure, to resource allocation and operational efficiency.

What Graduates of the Program Have to Say


Group CEO, Blu Flamingo Digital Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa

“What drew me to the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women program was the personal leadership learning combined with finances, forecasting, goal-setting, and how to manage your team.”

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Founder and CEO, Ulalight
Mexico City

“When 10,000 Women asked me about my business plan, I was shocked to say that I didn’t have one. After this program I feel more in control and more secure. You get to really see each part of your business – and that’s crucial.”

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Founder and CEO, Miemaw
Surat, Gujarat, India

“After the program, I had a clear understanding of management, finances and human resources, and I was able to start thinking like a leader. It gave me a clear roadmap for the future of my company.”

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