Goldman Sachs Gives and Kidsdoor Launch the Goldman Sachs College Entrance Scholarship Program

11 JUL 2022

Goldman Sachs Gives has deployed over $10 million to help alleviate child poverty in Japan over the last decade. Most recently, we built a new partnership with NPO Kidsdoor and NPO Kidsdoor Fund to launch a $2.5 million scholarship program for underprivileged high school students over the next three years.

COVID-19 has negatively impacted the financial and employment situation of many households in Japan. As a result, many high school students have abandoned plans to attend college due to financial concerns.

This Goldman Sachs College Entrance Scholarship Program will help a minimum of 500 students per year by providing both financial support and non-financial support, such as information on the college application process and scholarship programs. Scholarship recipients for the 2022 cohort are from 45 (out of 47) prefectures in Japan, 78% are from single mother households, and 76% are from households with a household income of less than USD 17,000.