The Long-Term Outlook for the BRICs and N-11 Post Crisis

Dec 2009 Source: Global Investment Research

What the future has in store for BRICs and the N-11 economies

  • The BRIC and N-11 countries are emerging from the crisis better than thed eveloped world.

  • As a result, our long-term projections for the BRICs look more, rather than less, likely to be realised.

  • It is now possible that China will become as big as the US by 2027, and the BRICs as big as the G7 by 2032.

  • Within the BRICs and N-11, China, Brazil, India, Indonesia and the Philippines appear to be performing best.

  • Bangladesh, Egypt, Korea, Nigeria, Turkey and Vietnam form a second group of countries that have performed broadly in line with expectations.

  • Iran, Mexico, Pakistan and Russia have need for improvement.

  • We show the ongoing dramatic BRIC influence in key product markets, with autos and crude oil as examples.

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Jim O'Neill
Managing Director, Investment Management Division
Anna Stupnytska
Vice President, Investment Management Division