Intersections Between the Developed and Growth Markets

AUG 2013

Sheila Patel, CEO of International Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM), discusses different perspectives on investment strategies around the world, as well as common themes among investors as they search for yield in their portfolios.

It's an exciting time when you think about the Growth Markets -- both for clients looking at the Growth Markets from the outside, but also for people sitting in the Growth Markets who finally have the capital and the opportunity to drive some returns for themselves and their needs.

- Sheila Patel

Sheila Patel
CEO of International Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM)

Investors located in developed markets and those in growth/emerging markets may often share common goals. The chart below illustrates year-to-date mutual fund flows of developed market investors who are investing in growth/emerging markets, along with investors located in growth/emerging markets who are investing in developed markets (as well as their own local markets).