Paul Farmer CBE, CEO of Mind

Published on20 APR 2020
COVID-19 Europe

Mind CEO Paul Farmer CBE discusses the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on global mental health and well-being and how the organization is adapting treatments in the midst of the crisis. 

On the impact of the crisis on mental health treatment: “I hope we'll look back on this period and see it as a moment where we took a big step forward in terms of recognizing that we all have mental health, recognizing that we all need to take time to look after our mental health in the same way as we've become used to looking after our physical health. And that we've learned a bit more about ourselves and the people around us, our family, our colleagues, so that we can spot our own signs of poor mental health where maybe things aren't going so well. But we also know those signs of how we look after our mental health, how we build those protective factors around us that help us stay well.”

On maintaining mental health during the crisis: “First of all, we want to make sure that you can connect to other people.… And the second thing we talked about in terms of our protective factors is making sure we've got a really good routine to our day…. And finally, the last thing we're hearing is people taking time away from their screens and from the news to make sure they're actually having a little bit of time to themselves.”

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