Goldman Sachs Research

GS Sustain: Biodiversity - Assessing the Financial Links to Natural Capital

Published on26 SEP 2022

Nature and the integrity of ecosystems are intrinsically linked to climate change, the circular economy, pollution prevention, and social goals. However, only around 10% of annual investment needed to reverse nature loss is being met today, and current funding comes predominantly from governments. Goldman Sachs Research analysts believe there are three catalysts to potentially increase investment over time: 1) recognition of the need to address biodiversity to meet Net Zero decarbonization goals; 2) local biodiversity issues are becoming a roadblock to global sustainable and economic ambitions; and 3) the addition of biodiversity to the global regulatory agenda on the back of the upcoming Biodiversity Conference of Parties (COP 15) in December 2022.

Goldman Sachs Research

GS Sustain - Assessing the Financial Links to Natural Capital

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