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GS SUSTAIN: Biodiversity – Next Steps Post COP 15

Published on26 JAN 2023

The Biodiversity Conference of Parties (COP 15), which took place from December 7-19, 2022, saw 188 governments coordinate on nature conservation to create a new Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF). This framework seeks to accelerate the pace and scope of land and marine area conservation, restoration of degraded ecosystems, reductions in harmful-to-nature subsidies, conservation financing, and corporate transparency. Goldman Sachs research analysts think the GBF and other work initiated at COP 15 may emerge as a key catalyst for increased engagement on and investment in biodiversity, including new regulations and increased transparency requirements for large companies over time. In this report, Goldman Sachs research analysts identify eight targets included in the final agreement from COP 15 that they think could have the most impact driving the global conversation around nature restoration and conservation moving forward.

Goldman Sachs Research

GSSUSTAIN: Biodiversity – Next Steps Post COP 15

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