What will a sustainable world look like in 2050?

Published on19 NOV 2015

The Goldman Sachs Environmental Finance Innovation Forum brought together business leaders, investors, policymakers and other key stakeholders to discuss the latest developments in environmental markets, including the potential shown by energy storage and supply advancements, and solutions that could attract additional capital to conservation.

Too many people in the developing world don’t have access to electricity. By 2050, they absolutely will. And I think that will largely be from renewable sources. It’s sustainable environmentally, sustainable economically, because people can actually have livelihoods that rely on energy. And so all of these things come together in a sort of beautiful way.

- Cathy Zoi, Chief Executive Officer, SunEdison Frontier Power

We asked some of the event’s attendees about the future of sustainability: what it means, what demands attention, and how today’s investments and innovations will shape the world of 2050.