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Re-Imagining Big Oils

Published on22 OCT 2018

Over the past 100 years, big oil companies have shown a tremendous ability to adapt to technological change. Today, amid the latest warnings over the impact of climate change, Michele Della Vigna of Goldman Sachs Research explains the ways in which Big Oils’ transformation into Big Energy can reduce carbon emissions and help contain global warming. Della Vigna believes this transformation into a broader and cleaner energy provider will require changes in production, from oil to gas, a shift in industrial operations to petrochemicals, and moving the traditional business towards cleaner power sales and bio fuels. “If Big Oils deliver on all of these changes and evolution in their current business,” Della Vigna explains, “they can reduce carbon intensity by about 20 percent by 2030.” 

We believe that Big Oils transforming into Big Energy can help drive the shift towards lower carbon - that will be key to contain global warming well within two degrees Celsius.

Goldman Sachs Research

Re-Imagining Big Oils

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