Episode 121: What’s Next For Emerging Markets?

Published on11 APR 2019
Europe Technology Driving Innovation

10 APR 2019 - Emerging market economies are showing early signs of stabilization, according to Kevin Daly of Goldman Sachs Research, and a number of the factors that contributed to the weakness of EM economies last year have now been reversed. “There has already been the beginnings of a recovery from the lows pasted in September-October last year,” he says. Also in the episode, Daly discusses the outlook for his core focus area, CEEMEA – Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa – and explains the impact of Turkey’s economic turmoil. “We expect the recovery in Turkey to be very slow…but nevertheless, we do seem to be past the worst point of Turkish growth,” he says. He argues that the long-term growth outlook for the region is positive.         




This podcast was recorded on March 6, 2019


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